How to follow the Transcontinental Race

The race starts Friday 29th July at 10pm CET (9pm UK time). Full tracking details will be available on the TCR website.

Each racer is issued a GPS tracker and you can watch the race unfold live on the Trackleaders website. Be warned: it’s addictive. 

The race is well covered on all forms of social media and the Transcontinental Race Facebook group acts like the news hub. The racers, their partners and a huge community of ‘dot watchers’ make it a great place for following the race. 

The race uses the official hashtag #TCRNo4. Each rider is given a coveted TCR cap with a unique number. I am Rider No 114. My personal hashtag is the rather catchy #TCRNo4S114, which you can use to search for content specific to me. You can also use this yourself if you want to become part of the conversation, which I would encourage. 

I will be posting updates from the road on Twitter @darrenfranks and on Instagram @darren_franks

Lastly, but most importantly, I’m using the race as an opportunity to raise funds for Cancer Research. Here is the Just Giving page. Sharing that and sending it through the roof would be the best way to support me.

Right, let’s do this. 


3 thoughts on “How to follow the Transcontinental Race

  1. We will be tracking you on your amazing journey and feel sure that you will be successful in completing the course and raising greatly needed funds, we are so very proud of you. Very best wishes Darren. Mom & Pop x


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